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Web Design With SEO

You’ve decided it’s time for a website, or that your tired old site needs
an extreme makeover. You also want your new website to stand out from
those of your competitors. What’s the best way to make that happen?

Have a chat with one of us about your goals for the site. Is it meant to
be an online version of a print ad, or a full-blown e-commerce site with a
shopping cart and order fulfillment? Who is your target market, and do
they have any special characteristics that the designer should be aware
of? Do you already have a logo or print marketing materials with an
identity (color scheme, typeface, etc.) that you are happy with and want
to use online as well? Can you provide us with content material or a
schedule for content development? Do you want the look and feel of your
site to be businesslike, whimsical, artistic, or funny? Your contact will
ask you additional questions until he or she is comfortable with your
concept and the actual design process can begin.

Your experienced designer will use his or her knowledge of marketing and
design principles to develop several draft designs based on your comments
and then ask for your feedback. Give us your honest opinion about the
designs, but don’t be surprised if the designer gently steers you away
from blinking or marquee text, overuse of animation, and extremely bright
color schemes, since these elements tend to alienate customers. They will
make your site stand out from the competition, but NOT in a good way!

Many do-it-yourself web design templates are available on the Internet,
but they are no substitute for a design professionally customized to meet
your unique needs. Give us a call today and experience the difference!

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