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Let MECSB Set Up Your Groupon Store!

Groupon is a great new way to take advantage of deals in your city from restaurants, entertainment, travel and more. When a customer visits the Groupon site to view the deals listed it will list the deals for that customer’s city on that day. Then if that customer wishes to purchase that deal all they do is simply print out the voucher and go to the place such as a restaurant that is offering the deal and hand over the voucher for the amount of food that has already been purchased.

Groupon coupon

For example, this deal charges people $20 for $40 worth of Fresh Meats from a meat deli. When that customer buys the deal for $20 they will receive a voucher that they can print out. When they go to the store all they do is simply give the voucher to the store and pick out the $40 of meat they wish to buy, which has already been paid for via the Groupon voucher.

Customers simply love this idea and in a random survey 9 out of 10 customers returned to Groupon to find their next deal.

Go Mobile

Groupon even works with mobile phones such as the iPhone and Android to attract even more customers. Simply download the Groupon app to your mobile phone, log into your account and start buying Groupon deals instantly. The mobile phone app allows you to keep track of all your Groupons by location, date and expiration and redeem them at any time while preserving the forests at the same time.

Better for Business

Groupon is great for businesses and not just customers. Groupon provides a way for customers to search for new ways to enjoy their city. When you list your deals on Groupon you tap into this new resource of customers and offer them a way to discover and enjoy your business. We at MECSB can help you create your Groupon merchant store and even teach you how to list the deals you offer for a small one-time fee of $99.

Groupon sends the deals to thousands of subscribers in their free daily email, and they send you, the businesses, a ton of new customers. That's the Groupon magic. Groupon never charges you to list your deal and never charges pay per click. Quite simply when a customer buys your deal Groupon will then take a small portion of that deal and the rest is yours and you have now attracted more customers to your business. Simply fill out the form below and a representative will contact you shortly (usually 1 business day) to get started.

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